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I read to learn

Searching for good books going forward

I am in search of titles to read. I read a fair bit every yr and if I have my way I will continue to read many books every yr. I find I learn something from every book. 


I am looking for historical non-fiction with the main criteria being a good story, well-written that also gives you a glimpse of history and teaches you something. 


I also like books about MONEY. It is the subject I have read the most books about. Anything that is passed the 101 level, and dives into aspects of the way our current system works, or even involves learning more history on the subject. My goal with these is to know more and deal with money better because of that knowledge.


Lastly, I like fast novels. I find they take little time and increase my reading speed when I am slowing down. I use to like spy-type novels but have grown from that. I don't like novels with too much violence in them, not after that in a novel and it is way too common these days.  I like a good story that is weaved in a way you often can't predict how things will end. 


Do you have any book ideas for me? I have some for you!